Why Anti Graffiti Clear Coat?

Powder coating is a type of permanent coating for metal items by applying a durable and anti-graffiti coat onto the exterior surface. This coat prevents the bond between spray paints or markers and the surface, so that surface damage caused by graffiti can be easily cleaned. The cleaning procedure is also simple using common solvents which will not damage the finished substrates. In addition, easy-clean powder coated items are resistant to scratch and abrasion, which therefore prevents most forms of damage. Powder coating has multiple uses, protecting from public assets like street furniture and public transport to personal and commercial exterior items such as roller shutter doors and fences. There is also a wide range of attractive colours, so that you can find a suitable colour scheme for your purpose. With all of these benefits, powder coating is an ideal option for items prone to graffiti damage.

Anti Graffiti Clear Coating Benefits

Graffiti is a form of vandalism and damage to buildings and property is both unsightly and costly to remove. We have a Anti Graffiti clear coating which we can apply over the top of any job. Should the worst happen, graffiti may be removed by wiping with a soft cloth impregnated with one of the recommended solvents, it also offers high levels of UV resistance to the coating making it ideal finish for use in public transport, street furnishings or public spaces in general.

Prevention against Graffiti

Graffiti is a highly concerning problemĀ in Perth nowadays, and many attempts to prevent graffiti are adopted. Choosing the right coating technique can both solve graffiti problems and reduce cost as well as maintenance time. Powder coating is a good solution, as powder coated items are easy cleaned to remove graffiti, as well as scratch and abrasion resistant and attractively finished.